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Hello, if anyone is still reading this blog/journal/whatever, I must tie up the loose ends lest they niggle at my noggin forevermore! Boy, they tickle. It's annoying. I apologize for any tickly niggly feelings my teasing your interest out and then leaving it to flutter in the silence may have caused. Truly.

So anyway, my neice got her dollhouse and she loves it. I didn't take as many good photographs as I should/could/would have were I not in a silly rush for the finish line, but here's some shoddy photos I managed to get: )
And that's all folks!

Thanks for your support in the beginning of the project and good luck to you all.

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Isn't it strange how one's creative energy comes and goes... ebbs and flows? But such are the tides of life, and a creative soul is often tortured by the coming and going of motivation, energy, and inspiration.

I'm not the most talented at what I do, but I sure do enjoy being creative, and feel spiritually disconnected from myself when I'm not involved with some kind of creative project.

While this blog is silent, I'm working on another project which is important to me, which is my tarot deck in progress, and also wrestling either with lack of motivation, or other problems in my life which need my attention and energy.

I've chosen not to talk about those other issues here in order to avoid complicating them with feelings of being judged, which, though they may be primarily of my own imagination, still bother me. This blog was a place to share this particular project with my mum and sister, because they've moved a distance away from me that's inconvenient to bus or bike to at this point.. and we don't e-mail very frequently or keep in touch through other online networks. Unfortunately my mum has completely ignored the account I set up for her and hasn't commented here, so I assume she doesn't want to make time for this or find it motivating for some reason. I'm disappointed, but I know she is dealing with pressures that are totally lacking in my own life, and because I don't want to be judged, I won't judge. But that's why I have run out of steam somewhat. The original aim, as I did state, was for this blog to be for my irl family and friends. Because that hasn't worked, I've sort of deflated and turned my attention to other things.

I haven't stopped being a creative person though, obviously. And I do appreciate the encouragement people have kindly given me here on Dreamwidth. I've decided not to close this blog down, after some consideration. But I can't guarantee how regularly I'll update, either. I have other issues in my life that are far more pressing than the doll house right now, and making minis can become a bit of an avoidance issue for me... at this time.

Anyway, the aim for the doll house is now to give it this Christmas. :-) My boyfriend has kindly offered to accompany me to my mum's house, and photograph the occasion. I will definitely post those pictures here if all goes to plan. My neice will absolutely adore it, I'm sure. :-) And finally, I will feel as though I've done something right!

Here's a little random pile of stuff I'm doing right now.

I'm sending the tarot jewellery off to friends who have been so supportive to me online over the past year. I hope they like it. The toadstool is a little table for the dollhouse garden. And the head...? Just a little something I found by the side of the road and felt compelled to stuff into my handbag, which I wear slung over my back like a rucksack while riding my bike. Real ladylike...:-p

I found this guy too:

It stank of pee but a tumble through the washing machine made it a satisfactory ornament for my window sill. I think it's cute!

And I'm pretty sure I'll be super-motivated to use up all the fimo I have to get the dollhouse ready for Christmas. Hopefully my fingers will begin to itch soon.

Thank you Zoe, for the inspiration!

Ta daaaa!

Apr. 25th, 2011 06:57 pm
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Le fireplace and Easter Bunny cake to boot. Just for you guys. ;-)

Materials used for fire: fabric, feathers, and glue.

Materials for fireplace: box shape and chunks of wood, fimo, and liquid fimo.

And I had a great time just playing around with it for hours and it took many stages to achieve this state.

I'll update a bit later about the process if anyone is interested in how I wrestled with it. I gotta go watch "Prey" re-runs right now while I'm still buzzing like a bee high in the summer sky.

Bai. ;-)
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Le boyfriend came by and tinkered with it with some things out of the biggest toolbox I've ever seen for such a small job. When he'd taken the back off and straightened out the dent, it still didn't work, so I thought it was curtains for my little Sony Cybershot. A day or two later though, I wrangled my way to borrowing dad's camera, and noticed there was a screw missing on it. I suggested he use one of the screws from mine, since I was sadly going to be taking it to bits soon anyway. Thankfully we always see things differently, and soon I was being called into the hallway and having a mugshot taken with the miraculously working camera of mine. Hurrah! It simply needed a little rest, it seems, after being "operated on" before it was ready to rock and roll.

So the blog goes on!

and here are the latest things.. )
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This photoblog will recommence when:

* I get a new digital camera

* My boyfriend fixes my camera

* My dad lends me his camera

* Or I learn how to use my (maybe crappy, but better than nothing) phone camera

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I have to admit, I'm not as productive as I may sometimes seem. Or, I am but in spurts! I have an obsessive nature, and woe betide anything I zoom in on because one moment its the brightest star in the firmament, and the next it's at the bottom of a crater and forgotten. I love my hobbies, but I tend to be hot and cold with them. I work on the dollhouse for a few weeks, and then I cover it with a bed sheet and refuse to even look at it!

Bear in mind I'm not getting paid to work on it. -___-

Anyway, in bid to motivate myself to turn my gaze toward making minis again, here are the latest little things:

The dinnerware set was a gift from my boyfriend, who spotted it for the bargain price of 99p on the introductory issue of a "furnish your own victorian dollhouse by subscription" magazine. How cool is that? But not as cool as the "table" huh?! It looks damn near icy. I found it in a charity shop for £3.50 and may not be able to part with it if it turns out to be the best surface for modelling fimo on evarrrrrr...

We shall see, because I sense some fimo mania a-coming.
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Like finishing those strawberries, making some cookies and more hot cross buns (this time using sesame seeds for "raisins" which I think worked pretty nicely - do you agree?) and throwing in some pears for good measure. Oh, and what the heck, an easter bunny! Yeah, his ear fell off. *snort* He's a work in progress.

There are some cakes in the works, as well as ice-creams and a television set and a radio and other little delights, when the mood strikes.

Recently though I spent a good chunk of energy on some long-awaiting jobs on the dollhouse itself. )
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And what I learned.. )

Someone recently PM'd me asking to be taken off my friends list. They said they had no interest in FIMO. The only reason I added everyone on here is because you listed fimo, polymer clay, and/or miniatures as an interest. I had absorbed the idea from various places that Dreamwidth is more open than Livejournal, being that it defines our flist as a "reading page" and we have a "circle" to control access to as we wish. I don't see why that person couldn't just restrict access, but apparently they wanted to be removed from my circle also. If anyone else feels the same way, I certainly don't mind removing you from my circle, because my intention is not to force you to read what you're not interested in or annoy people. This blog is my way of keeping in touch with my family and avoiding the 200 picture limit on flickr, which still shows blogged pictures even when they're hidden on flickr because you don't want to pay annual fees (which I'm too broke to do, and a commitment-phobe besides.) I realize I may not read and comment as much here as would warrant lots of comments in return, so I don't expect it of anyone. Really though, how hard is it to just scroll...? :-P
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That little fork is all that remains of my childhood toys. How battered it looks. And should I lose it, like I lost that cake decorating tool, that's it: goodbye to my childhood memorabilia. I'll have to put it in my keepsake box. Some girls want diamonds and pearls, but I just want to hold on to the last sunbeams of youth.

Anyway, after that, my attempt at sculpting a cat loses its first two lives )
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Anyway, today I made these oddments ) and somehow managed to lose one of my favourite little tool bits, which I think is for cake decorating. It was one of the things my first rummage through the house for things I can use turned up. I hope I find it soon because it's spiffy and I miss it.

I think that's not bad for a first attempt at a face, and I'll have a go at making a doll soon. The house is so lifeless without one..


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